Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time for changes

I loved the simplephpblog and I will continue to use it on other pages for sure. The main feature I like is that it can run without any database behind, just simple filesystem storage is enough.

But because I like it fancy (not so much the layout, mostly when it comes to features) I decided to switch the blog system for my private blog (the webpage you are reading this very moment). Wordpress is a very nice solution (PHP/MySQL). The themes are plain and even it has tons of features (and available plugins and extensions) the user interface (especially the frontend) is still very plain and easy to use. It's character reminds me a bit of mozilla firefox. Besides the heavy features I really like the UTF-8 encoding which allows me to do this: 日本語�?��?��?��??。

The bad news is that I am just too lazy to migrate the old comments to the new system.

Besides the blog switch no other important news. Most of the time (sparetime) I am working on akihabara news or Oh... that reminds me of something... time to catch up and write down the latest japanese movies I have seen.

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