Sunday, December 2, 2007

So this was 2007

Time is like hell. Already close to the end of the year and no new post since our trip to Japan. So here is an update covering many aspects of my daily life and just in case (if I do not have enough time to write another post before 2008) I already wish you a happy new year.

Winter has finally found Austria (although it is more raining than snowing at the moment in Linz). Today we went to get some fresh cake and coffee at the Hochkar. Sadly no time to ski but maybe in January or February. You can find some impressions of the Hochkar at the end of this post.

So what I am doing that consumes so much time? Mainly it's just our company (pulpmedia). We are trying to expand our business to new fields and this is somehow exhausting. Besides that some new platforms are in progress I also take some minutes per day to keep my old projects up to date which is not that easy. At the end of the year I want to launch a small pulpmedia platform which gives back some web code to the community as we are using some of open source stuff too in our projects. Restructuring of should not take that long any more and only needs some wordpress fixes (e.g. tagging which is now native in WP). The amazon service library of the japanese community library is currently rewritten from scratch and will be published on the new pulpmedia platform soon. The page also will be transferred to another server and some non-japanese library communities will be set up.

Who-t's MPX - Multi-Pointer X Server will be merged into the X project soon and I just can't wait until GTK, Qt, etc. supporting Blob events. Will surely make Linux machines with touch display much more usable.

What else? Let me see. The soccer EM is coming soon and it seems as Austrias group is not the toughest. Hahaha. Just kidding: Austria is going to lose badly but hey... at least we are taking part. Perhaps some magic miracle is going to happen. I'll be there to support my team. Today I thought of one nice platform for the EM2008... let's see if I can find some other people interested in launching it.

Still no plans for new year but we'll be in Switzerland from Christmas eve until the day before new year. I guess we'll make up a plan spontaneously this year. Until then there are still plenty of Christmas parties to attend to and maybe the one or another drink too. Oh... that reminds me... should get going preparing a short speech for this years company Christmas party. Lucky me has the honor of presenting a resume of 2007. In total I am very happy and the last days of the year 2007 are still very exciting. Still many things to expect and to experience. Maybe we are able to do another round of our fabulous Poker nights at the company. That is the only game where my score is above average this year. I hate losing the billiard game.

How was your year 2007?

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