Monday, March 30, 2009

Living la vida loca

Farewell everyday life. For the next month we are visiting family in Japan again. Yes. You read it correctly: four complete weeks in Toyko. It has been a busy time since January 1st. Running a business as a one-man-show can make your life really busy. But in this case busy in the sense of a really good, very intense time. After figuring out how to spend my precious time I am looking forward to experience an exciting year. The last months were amazing and all the things which are queued to take off right after the trip are causing great vibes already.

I don't want to spoil the surprise so be sure to check for updates in mid/end of may. In the meantime (while I am enjoying tasty asian cuisine and colorful sunsets at Odaiba beach after relaxing in traditional Japanese Onsen for hours) you are invited to take a look at a recent "just for fun" project: The German platform for brand clothing gives you a high quality listing of brand clothes available online directly at the selling companies. Third party services like Google friend connect allow you to easily share your thoughts on the products.

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