Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let me try to make a post

Let me try to make a post before this year is over. Almost 7 months without posting. You might be thinking that I quit the internet. But you are wrong... totally. There are just so many other things that are consuming all of my time (Reddit et al).

But first there is family. Grown to a party of four it is very exciting to see the children blossom and develop. Every single new achievement, regardless of sophistication, makes us very happy parents - day after day. I am really enjoying every minute spent with my family. Especially when riding the bike/out hiking or just going for a walk - exploring the near and not so near environment - together. To watch the kids reactions is truly amazing. With almost three months of the youngest private life is getting more and more relaxed, but in all honesty, sometimes it really was hard to say the least.

Timewise, I have to admit, that the focus currently lies on business development. The last month were quite exhausting. Full of days working at least 12 h per day. At least I managed to keep weekends work-free quite successfully. Although my father in law would think quite highly of me (if he knew) I am aiming to abandon this Japanese style of time distribution within the next 12 months. Probably.

During the last weeks most of our efforts paid off and rewarded us highly. Not only financially but most important of all our business strategy proved right and is leading us to all the goals we set for ourselves. Our team is growing steadily and we continue to be more efficient than ever before while handling numerous projects at a very decent quality level. Best of all is the possibility to spend time on our own projects and ideas. We are investing our resources into two serious startups. It is great to feel the spirit and to share it with many great people from all over the world. I will be talking more openly about our endeavours within the next months on our usual business channels. Please be patient with us. We are on the verge of becoming a full member of a global business community. Hello World!

I cannot repeat it often enough how excited I am about all which is unfolding at the present. Still there are so many beautiful planned milestones and spontaneous surprises ahead. I am happy.

People I want to thank for this wonderful journey so far: my parents for supporting me so much by supporting my wife and the kids. A very understanding and supportive wife which is growing karma every second. My team which constantly shows the hunger I am demanding. And my partners whom I fully trust. A very special thank you goes to Senpai: Looking forward to do the crazy.

When we are old we all have to tell some stories.

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