Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - the year of (personal) growth

Sitting in front of the PC and browsing the updates of my Facebook friends. Three hours ago the calender switched to 2015. I somehow ended up looking at my own blog. Last update was in February 2013. Emphasizing what I am thinking right now... at this very moment... where did 2014 go? Not like "what did I do in 2014" but more like "how could 2014 pass so quickly?".

Thinking back I am very grateful for an incredible year. So many unique experiences... mostly stemming from my role at LineMetrics. Winning two highly prized awards in Berlin, exhibiting at Cebit in Hannover, making friends at the Berlin Residency Program of EIT ICT Labs... also other personal highlights like seeing my kids grow into remarkable human beings and competing in several sporting events all year around... just to name a few very positive experiences. But also growing by constantly challenging myself and testing my limits.

Please don't think that I am lying to myself. I am aware that there is much room for improvement. And hat is where exactly where 2015 comes into play. The three main areas in my life will be again LineMetrics, my family and myself. How I will approach family time is quite clear. "Me"-time will again focus on sports (revolving around constant training, a few triathlons and via ferrata mountain climbing). Most energy will again run into LineMetrics. Still in the middle of planning out 2015 but it really looks like finally taking LineMetrics to the next stage. Conquering more business fields, exploring new markets, and best of all taking management team itself to the next level.

We are aiming for pretty high targets on purpose. That forces us to break old mindsets and to think differently. Also we are currently implementing a ton new management processes. Still far from an ultra smooth experience but already seeing great improvements. Business wise 2015 will be a completely new challenge and I love every aspect of it. So much to learn yet so much impact we are on track to have. Really exciting times.

Please feel free to get in contact with me over at facebook or via email at I am looking forward to hear about your 2015 challenges.

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