Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - the year of (personal) growth

Sitting in front of the PC and browsing the updates of my Facebook friends. Three hours ago the calender switched to 2015. I somehow ended up looking at my own blog. Last update was in February 2013. Emphasizing what I am thinking right now... at this very moment... where did 2014 go? Not like "what did I do in 2014" but more like "how could 2014 pass so quickly?".

Thinking back I am very grateful for an incredible year. So many unique experiences... mostly stemming from my role at LineMetrics. Winning two highly prized awards in Berlin, exhibiting at Cebit in Hannover, making friends at the Berlin Residency Program of EIT ICT Labs... also other personal highlights like seeing my kids grow into remarkable human beings and competing in several sporting events all year around... just to name a few very positive experiences. But also growing by constantly challenging myself and testing my limits.

Please don't think that I am lying to myself. I am aware that there is much room for improvement. And hat is where exactly where 2015 comes into play. The three main areas in my life will be again LineMetrics, my family and myself. How I will approach family time is quite clear. "Me"-time will again focus on sports (revolving around constant training, a few triathlons and via ferrata mountain climbing). Most energy will again run into LineMetrics. Still in the middle of planning out 2015 but it really looks like finally taking LineMetrics to the next stage. Conquering more business fields, exploring new markets, and best of all taking management team itself to the next level.

We are aiming for pretty high targets on purpose. That forces us to break old mindsets and to think differently. Also we are currently implementing a ton new management processes. Still far from an ultra smooth experience but already seeing great improvements. Business wise 2015 will be a completely new challenge and I love every aspect of it. So much to learn yet so much impact we are on track to have. Really exciting times.

Please feel free to get in contact with me over at facebook or via email at I am looking forward to hear about your 2015 challenges.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

About building a startup

To be honest I do not really identify much with being called an entrepreneur. When I hear the term entrepreneur many great people pop into my head. People from whose great achievements I am still far far away. But I guess its meaning still describes best what my business occupation is. Together with my great partner Reinhard Nowak I am co-founding and building the industrial startup LineMetrics as COO. A lean machine data acquisition service for manufacturing SMEs.


A couple of days off around new year 2013 gave me time to take a step back and introspect my business experience in life so far. Writing down stories and anecdotes quickly formed the desire to make a blog post which hopefully will contribute to the learnings of someone else. Now imagine a two page essay boasting about how I worked hard and demeaning summer jobs right from the minimum legal age for work in Austria. A story about internships abroad, my return home to gain experience in different IT jobs, and my insights while founding and running two service companies with focus on IT services. Let's skip all that, leaving all the wondrous details for my memoirs. Instead let us take a closer look at what drives me at my current occupation and what I am afraid of most.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A technical re-start

Oh boy. My current blog post interval is > 1 year. So after 12 years of working on my private web presence and sporadically putting my thoughts out into the wild (quickly re-checked: since 2005) I decided to drop the web content alltogether. As in the last years I was only putting out some kind of "current state of affairs" posts there is not much lost.

I am re-starting by putting up a simple static entry page at and by using Googles Blogger platform as my private blog and wiki. I guess I'll again focus on the wiki pages which serve as kind of digital memory extension and forget about the blog functionality again.

EDIT: Found a way to import my old blog posts. Will browse through them and re-publish some of them with the original timestamps.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let me try to make a post

Let me try to make a post before this year is over. Almost 7 months without posting. You might be thinking that I quit the internet. But you are wrong... totally. There are just so many other things that are consuming all of my time (Reddit et al).

But first there is family. Grown to a party of four it is very exciting to see the children blossom and develop. Every single new achievement, regardless of sophistication, makes us very happy parents - day after day. I am really enjoying every minute spent with my family. Especially when riding the bike/out hiking or just going for a walk - exploring the near and not so near environment - together. To watch the kids reactions is truly amazing. With almost three months of the youngest private life is getting more and more relaxed, but in all honesty, sometimes it really was hard to say the least.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Living la vida loca

Farewell everyday life. For the next month we are visiting family in Japan again. Yes. You read it correctly: four complete weeks in Toyko. It has been a busy time since January 1st. Running a business as a one-man-show can make your life really busy. But in this case busy in the sense of a really good, very intense time. After figuring out how to spend my precious time I am looking forward to experience an exciting year. The last months were amazing and all the things which are queued to take off right after the trip are causing great vibes already.

I don't want to spoil the surprise so be sure to check for updates in mid/end of may. In the meantime (while I am enjoying tasty asian cuisine and colorful sunsets at Odaiba beach after relaxing in traditional Japanese Onsen for hours) you are invited to take a look at a recent "just for fun" project: The German platform for brand clothing gives you a high quality listing of brand clothes available online directly at the selling companies. Third party services like Google friend connect allow you to easily share your thoughts on the products.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yoi otoshiyo. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

After emptying the new year bottle of champagne I celebrated the first hours of the year 2009 by opening a new website for public access. Feel free to stop by. Feedback very much appreciated.

After a long period of sleepless nights and long hours of working on the launch I am now officially allowed to serve customers.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What would it have been

What year would it have been if there have not at least a handful mayor events been taking place. The top event of 2008 was - without a question - the birth of our first son. The second mayor change in my life this year took it's time until the very end. Since last Friday I am no CEO of Pulpmedia anymore. I will continue to be share holder of the company and continue to contribute my manpower to existing and hopefully new web projects. There is not any conflict or combat going on but it just was time for change again. As my contribution to Pulpmedia projects will be of a somehow limited nature there hopefully is enough time to realize my own projects. All about the near future plans on 1/1/2009. Same blog. Same place.